Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Sculpture work

I thought I'd post some work from my daytime job. I'm a computer modeler and character sculptor at Blue Sky Studios. Working from drawings that were created by IA2's character designer, Peter de Seve, here are some pictures of maquettes I sculpted for the movie, Ice Age: The Meltdown.

The piece below was a small diorama of IA2's aquatic villains. It was actually created through a multi-step process. 3D digital files were used to generate hard copies of the posed characters, which were made by modelers, Sal Melluso and Brien Hindman. After that, the hard copies are very rough (some almost too rough) and in various pieces. They were then assembled and re-sculpted in various parts, then coated in a layer of sculpting wax. After that, all of the scales, texture and detailed anatomy were sculpted into the models by me and sculptor, Michael Defeo. Then they were finally cast in resin, sanded and cleaned up. Viola! This piece can be seen in the new Spectrum 14: Contemporary Fantastic Art book that just came out.